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Category: Architectural Design

How Do Trends Develop in Interior Design?

December 19, 2022
Have you ever wondered where popular interior design trends originated? In this article, we discuss the sources of many prevalent styles, both old and new.   Influences on Past Decades  The interior design trends of the past have been mostly shaped by the economic and social forces of the...

7 Luxury Home Upgrades for High-End Homes

October 7, 2022
All homes can become dated over time, even high-end estates. In addition, wear and tear from the elements and daily life may urge you to upgrade parts of your home for safety and aesthetics. It’s important, though, that your upgrades reflect the value of your home and potentially...

13 Stunning Features to Add to Your Custom Home

August 15, 2022
When you're designing a custom home, finding those niche features that completely serve your specific lifestyle is a game changer. It takes a lot of sifting through custom home ideas to find the best ones for you. Thankfully though, the process can be extremely fun!  Here are 13...

5 Architectural Styles with Modern Influence: Keep Your House Integrity When Remodeling  

June 16, 2022
Keeping the charm while adding convenience is a challenge for older home remodels. When you bought your home, you likely fell in love with the older character elements it has. But, as you lived in it, you started to see the downsides of having a home that wasn’t...

Planning Your Custom Design/Build Home: The Checklist You Need to Get Started

May 18, 2022
There is more to building a house than can be captured on a checklist. But a checklist is a very good place to start. The process of how to design and build a house is so overwhelming that few people know just where to start, but we have...

Whole House Pre-Remodeling Essential Guide

February 10, 2022
For many, renovating a single room in their home is a big project. Renovating the whole home may seem like a bigger project than you can even prepare for. But, with time and a careful plan, you can break the whole home renovation into smaller steps that are...

How to Navigate Your Whole Home Renovation from Start to Finish

January 4, 2022
A whole-home renovation can feel like you’re living in a new build, except one tailored to your exact needs and tastes. It’s a lot of work to get to the final product, but the process of getting there can be stress-free and exciting if you are following a...

Hiring a Designer for Your Home Renovation: What You Need to Know

December 7, 2021
When you want to change your home to meet your needs, the most essential part of the process is choosing the right designer. As with any creative endeavor, if you hand over your home, your ideas, your aesthetic and needs, no two designers will create exactly the same...

Architectural Design Trends for 2022

September 13, 2021
Like all other trends, the architectural design industry trends are always evolving. Designers, architects, and engineers are testing their creative limits to bring the best ideas to life with ever-increasing accuracy and precision. As we head into 2022, specific trends seem to take precedence. Continue reading for more...