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Architectural Design Trends for 2024

Architectural Design Trends 2022

Like all other trends, the architectural design industry trends are always evolving. Designers, architects, and engineers are testing their creative limits to bring the best ideas to life with ever-increasing accuracy and precision. As we head into 2024, specific trends seem to take precedence. Continue reading for more information on these architectural design trends for 2024. 

Timber-Based Designs

In 2024, the architectural design trend for homes significantly highlights the innovative use of wood, particularly in sustainable and eco-friendly constructions. Wood is being celebrated for its natural aesthetics, versatility, and renewable qualities, making it a cornerstone of modern, environmentally conscious home designs. This focus on wood includes advanced timber technologies and biophilic design principles, enhancing the connection between natural environments and residential spaces.

Modern Architectural Styles 

Modified design trends are continually developing even as modern architectural styles become more and more popular among residents, homeowners and other people. Architects are now putting more emphasis on the construction of contemporary structures instead of imitations of old ones. However, this is not to say that these architects will eliminate classical designs; rather, the shift in focus will be more on clean and geometric lines. Such designs include: 

  • Constructivism 
  • Expressionism 

Smart Homes and Home Automation 

As technology takes a central place in our lives, architects are opting to integrate it into the homes people use daily. What this means is that they are combining their designs with automation. Some automated features include smart windows, home security, temperature, and light control. Such high-tech designs are also being prepared to incorporate automated HVAC systems, which will make your home feel safer. 

architectural home design

New Minimalism 

With more people embracing environmental and social awareness issues, minimalism is also on the rise. People now prefer to use fewer resources and create more with less to help save Mother Earth. This renewed interest in using less combined with cost concerns has led many architects to design less extravagant and more functional buildings. 

Architects predict that in 2024, more homes will include solar power and a growing focus on green materials. Despite most architectures insisting on natural ventilation, it is clear that HVAC systems will still play an important role even in a minimalist architectural design. 

Home Offices 

Since the rise of remote working, more people are choosing to work from home. This trend has sparked interest in the design of home offices. To accommodate these new working conditions, architectural styles will integrate bigger windows and more diverse room layouts. The design will also have to accommodate the HVAC system since people will spend more time in their homes. 

Mid-Century Modern Architectural Style 

This mid-century style is a trend that emerged sometime back but has become more and more popular in the recent past. Below is an example of this style. 

Transparent homes 

The utilization of glass in designing homes is now more than just a passing shift. Designers and architects are exploring it in diverse ways. In 2024, planners predict the use of glass in homes will soar. Examples of this style comprise glass walls, transparent ceilings, and large windows. 


The focus on architectural designs is constantly changing, but the trends highlighted above are more likely to rule in 2024. Expectedly, architects and designers will continue to work towards building better homes that suit the needs of today's society in all aspects. If you want to stay informed on this subject, check out our blog post for more topics and details. Also, evaluate HVAC services that are appropriate for different architectural designs. 

At Team Shane, we will walk you through the newest trends and the best way to incorporate them into your home. Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional architectural design projects.


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