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Shane has quickly become more than just a name or a word.  It’s a group of people dedicated to building your dream home, whether it is starting from scratch or renovating your existing home.

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About Team Shane

Team Shane (formerly known as Shane Renovations) is a design team ready to work with you to create the perfect home for you and your family in Hamilton and Burlington. We work with you through every tiny detail. Presenting you with not only a written document of your project but a 3D design so you can easily conceptualize the finished product. This provides you a complete build package ready to make your project as stress free as possible.  

Team Shane is a production team that holds your hand through the build process making sure you understand every single step and ensuring you are always up to date with the project status.

Serving in Hamilton and Burlington

Team Shane is a state-of-the-art building where you can walk around and touch and feel products, see your project come to life on the big screens and enjoy a coffee in a quiet spot as you contemplate the possibilities in front of you.

Team Shane is a group of trades ready and waiting to make your project perfect.  Shane is suppliers who are at our beck and call making sure all product is on site and work with every decision that you made.  

Team Shane is a team that stands behind their work and will be there for a period of 5 years once your project is complete to make sure everything is perfect and always looking amazing.

We love to give back to the community and Team Shane works with several different community programs and organizations such as Restorations Canada, WEHBA, BILD, Redeemer University college and Ancaster community services.

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Modern living room renovation with built-in fireplace

At Team Shane we love to offer the best to our clients in Hamilton and Burlington, and we want to ensure that they have a seamless experience during the design and build phase. We offer resources such as Buildertrend, virtual reality/3D designs, and an entire working showroom filled with interactive areas.  Our working showroom has showers, toilets and kitchens that actually work, so our clients can interact with the products they are getting in their own home. 

Lastly, we always have a dedicated client relations manager for each project to ensure a seamless transition from conceptualization to the final build.

Get to know Shane

Who is Shane (the person)?
Shane the person grew up in Sarnia and during the summer of grade 8 I was asked by my uncle to work for his framing crew.  I had dabbled with tools and wood all through my grade school years even building a raft out of 2x4’s and plywood for a school presentation in grade 6, completely on my own.  

Working with my uncle all through high school and a little while after taught me so much about hard work, never quitting, and put in all your effort, every hour of every day.  He also taught me so much about home building.  The lessons were not only how to build but why.  That mentorship propelled me forward, I wanted to learn and understand more about homes.  

It drove me to understand every aspect of a home from the footing to the shingles and I have always looked at houses not just from an esthetic point of view, but as separate building blocks that will ultimately create a home. This point of view allows me to understand what could be done to a home and how quickly it can be done, as I tour people’s homes.  

I started my own business 20 years ago as small deck builder.   During the winters I would get a few bathroom renovations and some smaller interior jobs, this drove me to want to do more. 

One thing I have always made a priority is the relationship with my clients.   My clients weren’t just clients but became friends that I would spend time with away from work or meet at a grocery store and stop and chat about life.   Relationships have always been the center of who I am, and I keep that as the cornerstone of my business.  Because of the relationships I built, I would be offered bigger and more challenging work as the relationship and trust was established early.  A deck led to a bathroom which led to a full remodel then to an addition.   Later it would be a 4500 sq ft. garage with multiple levels and incredible challenges.

The excellent work produced by the team at Shane, is based on the understanding that I needed to always surround myself with people smarter than me. When the business started to grow, I hired really good people that would bring more to the table. Because relationships are the cornerstone of who I am and the company, I was able to establish an amazing team that can conquer any and all projects that could come our way.  A team like no other, a team that works together from the very beginning and designs, estimates and builds anything our clients would like.  A team that works closely together and hangs out after work, golfing together and going to events together.  It really is a family.  The family atmosphere at Shane's is inviting.  Our clients walk into our showroom and feel the energy and are ready to create the next opportunity together.
Why is design and renovating so important to Shane?
Design and renovating is so important to me because of the relationships that we create with each client.  There is a challenge to make every space fit perfectly for that particular family or person, and when you can make that happen you know you have done an excellent job.  There are new challenges and opportunities that pop up every day and I love to help solve these challenges for our clients. 

I love that we are a one stop shop for both design and the build.  Our clients don’t have to find multiple companies to work with.  And our design team is actually on staff.  So, it all happens right inside our office/showroom space and every member of the team knows what’s happening and what is coming up. This way everyone gets some input or helps solve problems if need be.   It elevates so much stress and fatigue for the client and our team.
What does Shane love most about the job/business?
What I love most about the business are the relationships we create with clients, team members, trades and suppliers, everyone.  I love the opportunities it brings to be creative and tackle fresh opportunities with each home we build.  The chance to walk through so many amazing homes and discuss dreams with people I am just meeting for the first time. The excitement that I see from families who purchased their first home and want to make it theirs, or from people who have lived in a home for years raising a family and now have the chance to customize it to their current lifestyle. The energy in every step!

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