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7 Luxury Home Upgrades for High-End Homes

Luxury home upgrade ideas from Team Shane

All homes can become dated over time, even high-end estates. In addition, wear and tear from the elements and daily life may urge you to upgrade parts of your home for safety and aesthetics. It’s important, though, that your upgrades reflect the value of your home and potentially add more value to the property. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 7 popular luxury home upgrades that you can incorporate into your next renovation project.  

1. Stone Walls 

Stone walls installed inside or outside can dramatically elevate the appearance of your home. Whether you opt for a rustic cobblestone style or showcase sleek and modern masonry, the stonework is bound to wow guests and family members alike. Additionally, there are a variety of colours, shapes and styles you can enjoy with all-natural stone.  

2. Smart Appliances 

If you’re investing in other high-end finishes for your home, why not upgrade your tech? A good place to start is with larger appliances such as fridges, ovens, washers and dryers. Innovative smart models can help you save energy and offer more features that make life easier.  

3. Luxury Counter/Backsplash Upgrades

If your taste is on the expensive side, then your home’s counters should say so. Although there are plenty of beautiful, budget-friendly options available, slab-style countertops and backsplash tiles made of real stone are more typical of luxury homes. Want your kitchen to look as opulent as possible? Then opt for marble. Granite and quartzite are also beautiful modern options.  

Planning to upgrade your home to a high-end luxury estate? Let the experts at Team Shane help you. Contact us today and we would be happy to guide you!

4. Outdoor Kitchen 

A high-end home seldom has one kitchen. That’s why you should think of adding an outdoor kitchen space if you’re someone that loves to entertain during the summer. An outdoor kitchen can be made to match your patio and accentuate your yard.  

5. Home Gym 

Do you live in a luxurious house if you don’t have a home gym? Home gyms are one of the more straightforward high-end upgrades that can be as grand or as minimal as you want. Plus, you can tailor your home gym to perfectly suit your interests. For example, fans of yoga and dance may benefit more from a studio space than a decked-out weight room.  

6. Soaker Tubs  

Why not make your bathroom more like a spa for a more luxurious feel? Large soaker tubs that stand alone are extremely trendy right now, especially if they’re in front of a big window with a view.  

7. Walk-In Closets  

Walk-in closets are a must-have in luxury homes. Extra-large closets can also free up space in the bedroom for an airier feel. After all, clean, organized and minimalist spaces tend to promote a clearer headspace. 

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