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13 Stunning Features to Add to Your Custom Home

Add stunning features to your home

When you're designing a custom home, finding those niche features that completely serve your specific lifestyle is a game changer. Plus, the process of brainstorming can be extremely fun! Here are 13 innovative features to add to your custom home or home addition

1. Hidden Wiring in the Media Room

You don't need to look at wires again. Have spots for your wiring built into your wall or custom wall unit. Perfect for home theatres and large entertainment spaces. 

2. Privacy Fencing in Front 

Don't let big windows or a close neighbour make you feel exposed. You can add privacy fencing to the front as well as the backyard.  

3. Dedicated Pet Space 

Where do you put the food and water bowl, the kitty litter, or your dog toys? How about in your pet's own dedicated space? Consider adding a pet nook to your home to keep clutter at bay.  

4. Under Cabinet Lighting

Modern, seamless looks in your kitchen (and anywhere with cabinets) call for hidden lighting beneath the cupboard.  

5. Old-Fashioned Lamps

When you're outside, you may want your lights to stand out more. Consider adding short, old-fashioned light posts to your landscape. 

6. Murphy Beds

Make the most of a child's bedroom or any other space with murphy beds. They lift up to stand against the wall, so you have more floor room. 

Interested in adding luxury features to your custom-built home? Let the experts at Team Shane help you. Contact us today and we would be happy to guide you!

7. Bright Door Colors

Add matching stair treads and make one colour stand out as a part of your home exterior's theme. You can choose a neutral shade if you don't want to go too bold, but plenty of other hues can work as well. 

8. Higher Ceilings

Whether someone in your family is tall or whether you just want to have more elegant and impressive spaces, it makes sense to add a foot or two to your ceiling heights. 

9. A Beach House

Is your custom spa or pool complete without a beach house nearby? Use this structure to store pool gear, offer changing space, and even cook for pool parties. 

10. Quartz Countertops

This engineered stone offers a natural beauty to any kitchen without an extraordinary cost. Best of all, there are many design options for these countertops. 

11. Entrance Organization

If you don't have a mudroom, you need a spot in your entryway to gather things that you need on the way out of your home. From your keys and purse to your shoes and children's school bags, it's nice to have a customized, convenient place for everything.  

12. Built-In Bookshelves

Create your own library or make any spot with books classier and safer with built-in bookshelves. Generally, they are more stable than freestanding options. 

13. Ceiling Beams

Leave some decorative beams up to make rooms appear bigger and add a rustic element. 

Get Help with Your Custom Home Design

Are you looking for an interior or exterior home design & build consultant near you? Team Shane can help! Reach out to us today to discuss any of these luxury features or to discuss other ideas. 


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