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Additional Dwelling Unit Design Build in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and the GTA

What is an Additional Dwelling Unit?

Additional dwelling units, or ADU's, are self-contained suites that can either be attached to or separate from an existing home.  Types of ADU's include finished basements, an addition to a home with a granny suite or in-law unit, and even a detached tiny home in the yard.  

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Design & Build Under One Roof

Looking for a way to add extra space and value to your property? Team Shane specializes in constructing and transforming existing structures into beautiful additional dwelling units. From concept to completion, we work closely with you to create the ultimate living space for your needs. Let us help you make the most of your property today.

Benefits of Building an Additional Dwelling Unit

Whether you want to build a backyard cottage or a legal basement apartment, a secondary unit offers new housing options for a wide range of household needs and lifestyle choices.

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ADU Rental Income

ADUs provide an opportunity for homeowners and investors to expand their real estate portfolios without purchasing new land or paying high development fees.
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Additional Space

Additional space can be used for home offices, kids' playhouses or guest suites for your friends and family.
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Boost Property Value

Adding additional suites to your home can dramatically increase your property value, ensuring you see a return on your investment.
Multi-Generational Living with Additional Dwelling Units

Multi-Generational Living Made Easy with ADUs

ADUs offer a unique solution for multi-generational living, allowing families to live together while still maintaining their privacy and independence. Here are just a few scenarios where ADUs can make a difference:
  • Grandparents can sell their homes and move into an ADU on their kids' property, making it easier to help with grandchildren and enjoy being near family.
  • ADUs can provide easy assisted living options for elderly family members who want to maintain their independence while having family close by for support.
  • Downsizing to an ADU can provide a lower maintenance living space for aging parents or other family members, allowing them to enjoy a simpler, more manageable lifestyle.
  • By moving into an ADU on their property, parents can allow their adult children to move into the larger home and raise their own families, saving on the costs of home ownership.

ADUs provide the flexibility and affordability needed to make multi-generational living a viable option for all families. Learn how it can be done with Team Shane today!

Pre-Designed ADUs

Looking for an easy way to get extra living space without the hassle of making all those design decisions? Our pre-designed ADUs are the perfect solution! Here are just a few reasons to consider a pre-designed ADU:
  • Jump Right into Permitting
  • Efficient Layouts
  • Affordable Options
  • Finalized Product Ready to Build
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Pre-Designed ADU
Experienced ADU Contractors

Why Choose Us: Working with Experienced ADU Contractors

Team Shane is an award-winning design-build company with over 20 years of experience in custom home building and renovations. Our strong relationships with municipalities help us navigate city requirements efficiently while respecting your budget and timelines.
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An Experienced Home Builder Can Help You:

  • Understand ADU regulations and zoning laws
  • Navigate ADU permits and building codes
  • Evaluate your ADU financing options
  • Optimize your budget and minimize build time
  • Create the property of your dreams
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Maximize Your Property Potential with an ADU

  • More space for work and family
  • Additional monthly income
  • Guest suite
  • Aging in place and multi-generational living
  • Downsizing
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Let's Get Started

Our experts are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you're looking for additional living space or a way to generate rental income, we have the skills and experience to deliver the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with the ADU specialists at Team Shane.
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What is the cost of building an ADU?

The cost of building an ADU varies, but you can expect to pay $90,000 to $300,000 to build a brand-new self-contained unit.

How long does it take to build an ADU?

       Construction typically ranges from:

  • 3-4 months for a renovation to an existing house
  • 4-6 months for a detached ADU, depending on the type of unit

Can I sell an ADU separate from my existing house?

No. Detached ADU's can not be severed from the existing property at this time.

Can I get a loan to build an additional dwelling unit?

Yes, there are financing options available for building ADUs, including home equity loans and lines of credit.

Can I convert an existing structure into an ADU?

Yes, an existing structure can be converted into an ADU as long as it meets the necessary building codes and zoning requirements for legal suites.

What are some of the zoning bylaws I will face when building an ADU?

      While every property will have its own opportunities, below is a starting point of some of the general items to look out for:

  • Maximum liveable space: 807 square feet
  • Side and Rear Yard Setbacks: 4 feet
  • Distance from the existing house: 25 feet
  • Maximum Height: 19 feet
  • Access to the backyard: 3 feet wide by 7 feet high

       Local zoning varies by municipality. Variances can be applied for to gain permission from the City to work outside of the by-laws. Contact us for more information.

Can I rent my ADU out?

Yes, ADUs can be rented out to tenants, providing additional income for homeowners.

Ask Team Shane 

At Team Shane, we have a team of designers that work directly with clients to create beautiful home designs while providing advice and direction on selections (interior design) and up-to-date cost implications which will help you make decisions for the final design. Our build team takes those designs and makes them a reality.
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