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4 Different Types of Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) You Can Build in Ontario

Basement Apartment - 4 Different Types of Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) You Can Build in Ontario

In Ontario, Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) offer homeowners a golden opportunity to enhance their properties while addressing the housing crisis. Ontario's legislative framework, particularly through Bill 108 and Bill 23, has expanded the potential for ADU projects. Below, we explore the various types of ADUs that are approved under these bills. 

1. Basement Suites 

Basement apartments offer a practical approach to utilizing underused space within your home, transforming it into a livable area complete with essential amenities. This type of ADU is particularly appealing for its lower construction costs compared to external structures, making it an attractive option for homeowners looking to add value to their homes with minimal exterior alterations. 

2. Garden Suites 

Garden suites are ground-floor detached living spaces within a property. Ideal for properties with spacious backyards, these standalone environments offer a secluded residence for guests, renters, or family members, ensuring independence and accessibility while maintaining proximity to the main house. 

3. Coach Houses 

Coach houses, also called carriage homes, repurpose or add new structures, often above garages, to create functional, independent living areas. This option is ideal for those looking to utilize vertical space or existing structures on their property, potentially reducing the overall project cost. 

4. Conversion of Existing Spaces 

Converting existing spaces into ADUs is a creative solution that maximizes the use of a property's current layout. This can include transforming attics, garages, or even large storage areas into fully functional dwellings. Conversions don't involve adding to the footprint of a building but may require extensive renovations for plumbing and electrical.  

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