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387 Seneca Ave Burlington 1
2,744 sf Renovated

Central Burlington

Clients Goals:

This house was purchased as a "fixer upper" so the client's were prepared to do some leg work on the interior and spruce up the exterior. They wanted to revamp the exterior without drawing too much attention away from the rest of the street, which have fairly neutral homes. By going with a white and black exterior, we stayed in the neutral palette, but also by leaving the stones their existing colour, we were able to pay homage to the original look of the home and the street.

Points of Interest:

  • The exterior! By brightening up the siding it really made the house stand out but not in an obtrusive way.
  • Once we get to the interior, the house really starts to shine! Adding different textures throughout the house might sound like it has a busy feeling; on the contrary! By using items like shiplap, existing brick and coffered ceilings with wood inlay, we were able to give dimension to the room, but by keeping everything the same colour as the painted walls, it blends in well but still makes an impact.
  • The colour of the existing brick wall in the primary bedroom didn't go with the rest of the look in the house. We opted to white wash it, which complements the vintage sliding doors for the closet.
  • The patterned tile on the fireplaces is a nice way to showcase colour in a room but not have it be too empowering.

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At Team Shane, we have a team of designers that work directly with clients to create beautiful home designs while providing advice and direction on selections (interior design) and up-to-date cost implications which will help you make decisions for the final design. Our build team takes those designs and makes them a reality.
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