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Should You Hire an Architect for Your Custom Home Build? 

Architect Working On A Project - Should you hire an architect for your custom home build?

Although exciting, building your dream home can feel overwhelming, especially if you're unfamiliar with design. While it may seem like an additional expense, hiring an architect can be the difference between a mediocre home and a masterpiece. So, if you're wondering whether hiring an architect for your custom project is worth it, the short answer is yes. 

Why Hiring an Architect is Worth It  

An architect is a professional who has specialized training and expertise in designing buildings and spaces that meet functional, aesthetic, and safety requirements. Here are some reasons why hiring an architect is essential for your custom home build: 

  1. Personalized design - An architect can design a home that is tailored to your lifestyle, needs, and style. 
  1. Budget-friendly - An architect can help you design a home within your budget while meeting your requirements. 
  1. Energy-efficient design - Architects can incorporate sustainable design features that can save you money on energy bills. 
  1. Permits and regulations - An architect can help you navigate through the building codes and regulations, ensuring that your home is built legally and safely. 
  1. Value for money – Architects know how to add value to your property by designing a functional, beautiful, and timeless house. 

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Work with Team Shane for Your Custom Home Project 

As architectural home designers, Team Shane provides superior expertise and knowledge. Whether you have purchased the perfect plot of land or are undertaking a major custom home renovation, our architectural designers will work with you to develop your vision while exceeding your expectations. Contact Team Shane to start designing your dream home today. 


Ask Team Shane 

At Team Shane, we have a team of designers that work directly with clients to create beautiful home designs while providing advice and direction on selections (interior design) and up-to-date cost implications which will help you make decisions for the final design. Our build team takes those designs and makes them a reality.
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