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How to Pack Up Your Kitchen for a Remodel in 4 Easy Steps

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This is an exciting time! Kitchen renovations are something almost every homeowner thinks about, and here you are actually getting them done! It can be a big and messy job, so it’s important you take the time to properly pack up your kitchen.

We’re going to help you prepare with these four easy steps that will make the kitchen remodelling process as straightforward and seamless as possible. 

1. The Best Way to Pack Up a Kitchen—Plan Ahead!

The absolute number one thing you and your household need to do is formulate a plan. Without a plan, you plan to fail! And it couldn’t be more true when it comes to kitchen renovations. Before starting, check off the following (and add whatever else to this list!): 

  • Confirm contractor start dates 
  • Buy packing materials 
  • Find storage space for your kitchen items 
  • Make a list of essential items 
  • Create a dishwashing system 
  • Plan your temporary kitchen space 
  • Be prepared for delays & extensions

Once you feel organized, it’s time to get right into it! 

2. Remove/Donate Unwanted Items

A great thing to do when getting ready for a kitchen remodel is to declutter and get rid of unnecessary or unwanted cookware, dishes, utensils and even decor that no longer serves its purpose (especially in your new space). Take a trip to the thrift store or maybe even dump it! It will be less for you to haul back in and find a home for once things are shiny and new. 

3. Carefully Pack Items & Wrap Large Appliances

Kitchens can be hard to pack! Lots of awkward items, sharp blades, jagged ridges and fragile glassware! Come armed with bubble wrap and a wide array of boxes. You won’t believe how much is tucked away in those drawers and cabinets. 

For your stove, dishwasher and fridge, some poly/plastic wrap is a worthwhile investment to keep them covered throughout the renos. Wrap, tape, and seal, and they’ll be good as new when all the dirty work is done. Remove all the wall decor and make sure the kitchen is stripped and ready for the start date. 

4. Create a Temporary Kitchen

This should be as functional as you need it because you all still have to eat! This step will depend heavily on the scale of your renos but could involve a separate mini fridge, cooktop, disposable dishes and cutlery. Try to make it comfortable so that stress levels stay low throughout what can be a very invasive and turbulent time in the household. Don’t worry; it will all be worth it. 

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