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How to Navigate Your Whole Home Renovation from Start to Finish

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A whole-home renovation can feel like you’re living in a new build, except one tailored to your exact needs and tastes. It’s a lot of work to get to the final product, but the process of getting there can be stress-free and exciting if you are following a solid plan. Here is how to navigate your whole home renovation from start to finish. 

Gather Ideas 

Your first step is always to think about what you want and needs from your renovation project. When you’re doing a whole home renovation, this is the first very large step. We suggest you make lists of the things you don’t like about each room, and things you’d like to see added or changed. Also, save images of designs you like. 

Plan Your Budget 

Perhaps the hardest part of the process is understanding your budget. In general, we suggest starting by getting an understanding of the total budget you want to spend which should include a 10% buffer for unexpected costs, including new ideas you will want to add to your design even after it is finalized. Your renovation company will guide you in solidifying a realistic budget and will then design your renovation to fit inside that budget.    

Choose a Renovation Company 

Now it is finally time to choose the people who will change your home forever. It is important to choose a renovation company that does high-quality work and offers warranties. You should choose a company that can accomplish the home design you are looking for.  

Looking to complete a whole home renovation? At Team Shane, we work with you to create a home you will love, contact us today to learn about our whole home renovation process.  

Make and Approve Plans 

Together with your designer, you will make your design plans. It is normal to go through a few rounds of design changes before you’re happy with them. But pay attention to how your designer responds to your requests and ensure they are focusing on your needs, and not necessarily what they think looks best. 

Handle Paperwork or Permits 

Your designer and builder might handle the permits, but there is other paperwork you need to get in order. Make sure warranties, design, and timelines are in the contract, and then sign and complete the contract so your builder can prepare your renovation. 

At Team Shane, we take care of the permits for you! Ready to start your whole home renovation? Contact us today.  

Sit Tight 

Now it is just a matter of waiting for your build to start and your project to be completed. Good renovation companies will give you regular, or even daily updates on the build. You can relax while your renovation team manages the tough stuff during your build and your creativity comes to life! 

Perform the Final Inspection 

After the work is completed, your renovation company should walk you through your property, so you can see the quality of the work done and address any concerns. Of course, they should still be available to you down the line if you have more questions or find new improvement ideas for your home. 

Are you ready to start your whole home renovation? Reach out to Team Shane with your ideas today. 


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At Team Shane, we have a team of designers that work directly with clients to create beautiful home designs while providing advice and direction on selections (interior design) and up-to-date cost implications which will help you make decisions for the final design. Our build team takes those designs and makes them a reality.
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