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4 Ways to Redo The Outside Of Your House While Maintaining Its Character

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According to Cynthia Ozick: "Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression." On that note, how is your house's curb appeal? Most people focus on embellishing their interior space, forgetting that the property's exterior is often the first impression someone gets of your home. That said, when you redo the outside of your house, you want to take care to maintain its character.

Exterior renovations can totally kill a home's charm if not done correctly. Don't fret, though – below are some ways to make the exterior of your house look better while maintaining its character.  

Ways to Remodel Your House Exterior Without Losing Its Charm 

You must handle your exterior house renovations carefully to retain their current style and character. It all depends on what you work with and the various routes you take. If looking for ideas, consider the following: 

1. Swap House Exterior Finishes 

If your house has old mismatching bricks, pebbledash, stone cladding, or a blend of exterior materials, you should consider removing them and replacing them with materials that elevate your home’s character. Alternatively, and relatively more manageable, you could cover them using a different material. Either way, your house will achieve a whole new look while maintaining its charm.  

But if on a budget, painting your house's exterior with a neutral-shade masonry paint will still do. Rendering may prove a good idea for damaged original brickwork, and if seeking a contemporary brand-new look, cladding is the way to go. 

The experts at Team Shane will walk you through your options and which materials will elevate the character of your home and not detract from it. 

2. Roof Replacement 

If a roof replacement is necessary during your exterior renovation or other home renovation projects, be sure to choose roof material that matches your home's current aesthetic. When completing an exterior renovation with Team Shane, they will help you pick the hue and materials that best fit your house's character and landscape.  

Roof replacement isn't something you do on the fly – it's labour intensive and costly. But it's worth considering when: 

  • Changing the roof covering 
  • Looking to enhance insulation  
  • Extending or converting a loft 

Looking to update your home's exterior? Contact the experts at Team Shane!

3. Old Window Replacement 

Replacing your old windows can significantly impact your house's whole personality. Hence, you'll need to pick window replacements with care if you intend to maintain your house's authentic charm.  

If your windows still appear to be in good shape, repairs could be the most convenient approach, if you wish to keep the original windows. Only consider replacing your old windows if they are inoperable, draughty, rotting, or somewhat beyond repair and see that the new counterparts match the original style. 

4. Front Door Upgrade 

Your front door is yet another route to enhancing your home's façade. It makes an ideal focal point for achieving excellent curb appeal, not forgetting enhanced security. Suppose you reside in a neighbourhood with uniform house types, follow the drill and match your front door to those of surrounding homes.  

Even more impressive, some traditional-style modern front doors feature innovative technology. As such, you can acquire a front door that mimics the old counterpart – but better with the same look as the old one.   

Work With a Professional

Finally, picking an expert to help with your exterior house renovation is vital to the project's success. At Team Shane, we boast experts that will create a striking façade for your property's curb appeal as per your expectations. So, reach out to Team Shane today and live your dream! 


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