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4 Best Hiking Trails and Waterfalls To See in Ancaster 

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With a rich history, culture, and vibrant downtown area, it's no wonder that the town of Ancaster in Ontario is home to some truly incredible hiking trails and waterfalls. Ancaster offers a wide variety of breathtaking scenery and countless outdoor exploration and adventure opportunities.  

From family-friendly hikes to trails that provide heart-pounding, adrenaline-inducing experiences, there's something for everyone in this lush and vibrant town. A great fan of waterfalls? Ancaster and the greater Hamilton region have picturesque waterfalls to visit year-round.  

If you are looking for a new hiking or waterfall destination in Ancaster, Ontario, or just want to know where some of the most scenic spots are located, here is a list of the most popular hiking trails and waterfalls. 

Dundas Valley Conservation Area 

Spanning 1200 hectares, Dundas Valley Conservation Area cradles the village of Ancaster. Dominated by lush Carolinian forests, meandering waterways, colourful meadows, a wide selection of rare plants and wildlife, and stunning views, Dundas Valley Conservation Area is a beautiful and expansive outdoor space for the whole family.  

There are three major trails along the 40km recreational trail, including the Bruce Trail, Min Loop Trail and the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail. Want to see the full shades of the vibrant fall colours?  

Visit this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve during the fall. You will be treated to a fantastic display of vibrant colours along the trails. The trail is open daily in July and August and open on weekends during the off-season - September to June. 

Canterbury Falls 

Located in the picturesque Dundas Valley Conservation Area, Canterbury Falls provides a tranquil and calming oasis. It is an ideal spot for family picnics and bird watching. The falls drop 9 meters down rock cliffs and create a stunning ribbon of breathtaking clear blue water.  

The falls pour into a tranquil pool in the gorge below. Many migratory birds stop at this location, so bird-watching opportunities abound. Along with hiking trails, Canterbury Falls also offers picnicking areas for family outings.  

A playground is available for the kids, and a lush green space provides a serene location for adults to enjoy. The falls are open year-round, and you can use the trails for hiking to the falls. 

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Webster Falls 

Being one of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, Webster's Falls is a must-see for all visitors to Ancaster. Webster's Falls span 30 meters wide and 22 meters high, cascading into an emerald pool below.  

The falls are surrounded by gorges, glens and cliffs, which is why Webster's Falls is often referred to as the Niagara Falls of Ancaster. The sound of rushing water from these falls can be heard from a distance as they tumble from an impressive height.  

Visitors can hike along several trails to the falls, including a portion of the Bruce Trail and a natural ice trail during the winter. A well-maintained boardwalk also leads to fantastic views of this spectacular waterfall.  

Sherman Falls 

Also known as Fairy Falls, Sherman Falls is a 17-meter-high waterfall flowing from the Ancaster Creek. It is located between Canterbury and Tiffany Falls, with great trail views of both. The waterfall is best viewed in spring and early summer when the water levels are high and spectacularly cascades down a series of over 16 steps.  

The waterfall is easy to access via various trails, including sections of the Bruce Trail and the Ancaster Mill Street trail. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the waterfalls and surrounding forest. 

Wrap Up 

Ancaster's hiking trails and waterfalls are a great way to enjoy western Ontario's lush landscapes and diverse wildlife. With stunning views, relaxing spaces for friends and family, and natural beauty everywhere you look, Ancaster's landscapes are the perfect place to visit. Grab your friends and family and head out for a day full of fun!  

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