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10 Home Renovations That Instantly Increase Your Home Value

Women Looking At Countertop Options - 10 Home Renovations That Instantly Increase Your Home Value

Owning a home is more than just a place to live; it's an investment. And like all investments, it's wise to continually enhance its value. Team Shane offers insights into ten transformative home renovations, ensuring your property stands out in the market. 

1. Refinish Kitchen Cabinets 

Refinish existing cabinets instead of replacing them. This gives a new look at a fraction of the cost. 

Why It's Beneficial: 

Painting cabinets can freshen up the space without a complete overhaul. Other minor tweaks, such as changing cabinet handles or updating the faucet, can also make a significant difference. 

Our Top Tip: 

Revamping the entire kitchen can be overwhelming, both in terms of time and budget. That's why we recommend starting with smaller projects that still have a significant effect on your property value. 

2. Install a Kitchen Backsplash 

The kitchen is often dubbed the heart of the home. A backsplash, while seemingly minor, can elevate its overall appearance. 

Why It's Beneficial: 

A backsplash prevents stains from spills and splatters, is easy to clean, and offers a vast canvas for artistic expression, allowing homeowners to infuse personal style into the kitchen's design. 

Which Material Is Best for a Backsplash? 

Ceramic tiles are popular due to their durability and wide range of design options. However, materials like glass and stone are also well-loved. 

3. Upgrade Kitchen Lighting 

Kitchen activities vary, from cooking gourmet meals to kids doing their homework. You should have lighting options to match every need. 

Why It's Beneficial: 

Appropriate lighting ensures each task is adequately illuminated, creating an efficient workspace while setting the mood for family gatherings. 

Options to Consider: 

Recessed lights are great for overall illumination, pendant lights work beautifully over islands, and under-cabinet lighting shines on countertops. 

4. A Fresh Coat of Paint 

The paint sets the tone for any room's ambiance. When paired with the room's natural lighting, paint colour can influence moods, perceptions, and even the perceived size of the space. 

Why It's Beneficial: 

Fresh paint provides an instant facelift, masking imperfections and reflecting personal taste. Plus, trending shades can attract more buyers. 

Our Top Tip: 

Neutral tones like grays or beiges appeal to a broader audience, making them ideal for homeowners considering selling. 

5. Loose Fill Attic Insulation 

Insulation is an unsung hero of home efficiency. Upgrade your attic's insulation to retain heat and bring down energy costs. 

Why It's Beneficial: 

Attic insulation keeps homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing energy costs. It also acts as a sound barrier, ensuring a peaceful indoor environment. 

How Often Should Insulation Be Replaced? 

While it varies, most insulation lasts 15-20 years. 

Stylized Front Door For Summer- 10 Home Renovations That Instantly Increase Your Home Value

6. Steel Door Replacement for Entryway 

First impressions count, and your front door plays a pivotal role. It's not just the gateway to your home; it's one of the first things visitors notice. A steel door, besides being sturdy and durable, can significantly elevate the entrance's aesthetics. 

Why It's Beneficial: 

A steel door is much more secure than wood and fibreglass doors and may offer better insulation.  

Options to Consider: 

Steel doors come in various finishes, from matte to glossy, and can be painted to match the home's colour scheme. 

7. Siding Replacement 

The siding of a house is much like its protective skin. Over time, this exterior layer can become damaged, faded, or simply outdated. 

Why It's Beneficial: 

Installing new siding not only offers it protection from the elements but also greatly improves its curb appeal. A fresh siding can give an older home a more contemporary appearance, and modern siding materials are often more energy-efficient and durable than older versions. 

Budget Idea: 

If a full siding replacement is out of reach, consider focusing on areas that are most visibly worn or damaged. Alternatively, you can explore partial updates like board-and-batten accents or shake shingles.

Modern Bathroom With Blue Vanity - 10 Home Renovations That Instantly Increase Your Home Value

8. Modernize Your Bathroom Fixtures 

The bathroom, though often one of the smallest rooms in a home, can have a profound impact on a house's value and overall appeal. Upgraded fixtures, be it faucets, showerheads, or lighting, can instantly transform a dated bathroom into a spa-like retreat. 

Why It's Beneficial: 

Bathroom renovations typically offer one of the highest returns on investment in the home improvement sector. Modern fixtures can save water, provide better lighting, and elevate the overall aesthetic of the space. 

What's the Most Impactful Bathroom Upgrade?  

Switching out old vanities for modern designs can significantly transform the space. Paired with updated fixtures, this can make the bathroom feel brand new and luxurious, even on a moderate budget. 

9. Garage Door Replacement 

The garage door often commands a significant portion of a home's exterior, making it a key player in the first impressions game. 

Why It's Beneficial: 

Over time, garage doors can suffer from wear, weather damage, and outdated designs. A modern garage door not only improves security but also boosts the property's visual appeal. 

Options to Consider: 

From wooden designs to metallic finishes, there's a wide array of choices tailored to your home's style. 

10. Replace Carpet 

Flooring plays a crucial role in determining the functionality, comfort, and overall aesthetic of any room. Carpets, while comfortable, can show signs of wear and aging over time, from stains to frayed edges. 

Why It's Beneficial: 

Hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tile floors are durable, easier to maintain than carpets, and timeless in appeal.  

Budget Idea: 

While hardwood has a classic charm, vinyl and laminate flooring has improved in quality over the years and offers a strikingly similar look at a more affordable price point. 

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